Monday, August 28, 2006

Trapped with a sketchbook in a moving car!!!

well here is a page of sketches i made while being driven around the lower west side looking for that rarest of all breeds--THE FREE PARKING SPACE!!!!!!
made the sketching very hard as i couldnt mess around with as many details as the car was taking a lot of sharp turns-lots of accidental lines but fun none the less
ps-why does blogger hate me??? does it hate you too????


Tiki_Rox said...

That's pretty impressive considering you were driving around. That's some hard work right there!

Where'd you see the skeleton on the lower left portion of the paper. Ha.

Blogger hates us all. What problems are you having?

liam said...

hey was in soho so a skeleton is just a fashionista!!! so there!!!!
thanks dude