Thursday, September 07, 2006

old sketches

so havent been posting the past few days as i have been hitting the old reel-hand drawn animation--still feels weird-came off a flash show and the adjustment has been harder than i thought-and as a result my line tests lately have been less than stellar-
finally getting some flow back in my drawings, the subtle acting is still not just right-how a glance or one line can make you empathise with a character or just be bored--the big action is always easy-but enough about that-will post more on this later
For now here are some very old sketches and a quick sketch getting to learn the linework on a cleanup test for venture bros
hope ya all enjoy-will post the final cleanup and inked drawings as soon as i find them


Tiki_Rox said...

Love the fat man. And I also love the dude with the mullet. I love these style of faces you draw- how come you don't do them more often? They're really funny and fun to look at.


liam said...

cos i'm lazy?