Tuesday, January 16, 2007

flash sketches

hello again didnt think you would see me again soo soon eh??
well neither did i but i found some quick sketches i did in while on a flash show last year
hope you enjoy


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dino boy. the clean lines that flash gave you are a nice distinction. can we see him colored? with a background and everything? That would be swell.

allan said...

sweet! i love those pre-pro sketches for your holiday card.

we should all get a compilation together of our sketches during our stint on 'the flash cartoon' cause man, i did a shitload.

liam said...

hehe good idea there allan--though am sure we have enough for another blog just from the ac days
nathalia--thanks for not letting me get lazy and just draw him--will colour him too-but only cos you asked

Alisa said...

That Dino is great! It was always fun to see what people doodled at work.