Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Out and About

Haven't been posting in a while though i intend to change that.
Been out drawing and getting the beginnings of a tan
here is a quick sketch
hope you enjoy



Very Minimal...

I like it....But, wouldn't mind seeing a minimal treatment on the rest of the legs... I looks like that guy might be walking briskly, and I would like to feel that more when I look at it.


Alisa said...

Don't kid yourself Liam, you don't tan. I bet you're a burn and peeler!

P.S. Post more!! :D

liam said...

well thanks for the comments you two,

pedro: you have found my secret weakness-just posted directly out of my sketchbook-just some guy on the street--will have to start "completing" the drawings it seems. thanks dude-point well taken!

alisa: no burn and peel here!! i have a slow burn that leaves me pink and then people think i am dangerously close to apoplexy!!!! hehe