Monday, June 16, 2008


so i think she looks like a Glenda, maybe a Gloria? what do you think?
PS-just saw that Stan Winston died today-terrible thing-man made some of my favourite onscreen monsters from my childhood-going to try and get some stan winston's monsters posts up-anyone else interested?


EL GRANDE said...

She's a Glenda for sure:) Sweet blog here man. So sad to here about Stan. He's left his mark on all of us; no doubt.

Joe y Elio

liam said...

thanks man,
appreciate the comments, digging your blog as well-have to stop by more often now-some nice looking art on it

stephen said...

maybe an Esme? Or Glenda.

I want to see some stan monster stuff. I have a bad feeling that all that non-digital effects stuff is really going to become a lost art in the next 20 years.

liam said...

next 20 years? sadly i think long before we hit that time it will be gone all together and we shall have nothing but motion capture everything
thanks for the comment dude-maybe see some stan's monster sketches from yourself as well?