Saturday, December 27, 2008

All he wants for Christmas is............

Happy Christmas to you all out there,
Hope 2008 gave you all you wanted and best of luck in '09
Fingers crossed for some good animation news in New York next year
All the best



Poor little guy......He's trapped his teeth in a force field.

HA, I am messing with you. Great card, I hope the holidays are treating you well enough and that your chilling with the wife a little. Maybe go see "the spirit" or something so that you can chill.

All the best in 09'

Your Brother from another mother,

liam said...

Yeahhh!!!!! teeth trapped in a forcefield-think there is a series to be made out of that!!haha
All the best to you in Michigan-chill out and in 09 i shall endeavour to keep up the the awesome paints and sketches you are churning out. I am relaxing nicely with some chilled beverages to keep me company, i highly recommend it.
Bon Chance