Tuesday, April 21, 2009

its life drawing

couple of very fast sketches from last week's asifa class-the model had a tendency to get into crazy poses and not be able to hold them for very long so was pretty challenging to get as much as you could down accurately before he started to lose it
think these are 2 minute poses



yeah I didn't really love drawing the human pretzel man that much.

Great drawings though LIAM.


Alisa said...

Great life drawings Liam! I see you've been posting a lot the past few days, keep it up!

shane Blount said...

These are great mate , love the strong lines you use !! Some complicated poses too
ya did well to catch them .


Liam said...

thanks guys, the poses were kinda pretty challenging to get at all but hopefully a challenge makes us all better.
will try to keep posting every day or so and not letting a backlog build up