Friday, May 01, 2009

life drawing 2008

an old fast sketch from ASIFA 08-think it was a two minute sketch.


shane Blount said...

These are great man , particularly like this one !!
Flat out starting a new painting at moment
haven't had much chance to be posting new stuff ,
will try get something new up in next few days !!!
You still hoping to get back to ireland over the summer ??


Liam said...

hey shane,
glad you liked the drawings man, they were a lot of fun to do. So what you painting mate? another giant canvas while i doodle in a tiny sketchbook-putting me to shame!! Haha looking forward to seeing more stuff on your blog-some fantastic work up there already.
I will be back in ireland for pretty much the month of august, tickets are bought and all.
thanks again

mc gannimation said...

dig it man lovely pose