Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pet Peeves

So, in designing for animation you have to simplify, otherwise you are gonna to drive animators into a murderous rage. But its always peeved me when an arm or other limb is removed there are only two ways of presenting this.
First is the Ham method-the arm or leg is solid pork or you can go the Hollow person theory, once a leg or arm is removed it is found to be totally hollow, filled only with blood and a full bone sticking out.
Its can be a tricky problem since most cartoons don't really want you to go too bloody or gory.
Gotta be another solution right?




Pet PEEVE! Really?!?
I live for this kinda thing..


Liam said...

haha, yup, nothing wrong with them, just seems to be the only treatment for them in cartoons. I just want to see another option or two tried. Not all animated cartoons have to be super cartoony! If you know what i mean.