Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bunch of fast sketches

haven't totally neglected my sketchbook back home
these were lots of fun and fast to knock out


shane Blount said...

These are all great mate , really like the two heads
(one red head) on the page below !!
They could work great for your RTE pitch .


How fast are your FAST SKETCHES...
is there some kind of specialized timekeeping device...?

Liam said...

thanks lads,
shane-hopefully i will have some stuff to show you soon for the pitch and see what you think.
you better keep posting artwork yourself mate-i need to see more of your art.
El Pedro-my fast sketches go through faster than a vindaloo through and empty stomach-and sometimes just as shitty. Think all of these are less than a minute -i guess i get bored fast-thanks for keeping an eye on the old blog man, i shall post again today!!!

Alisa said...

I love that hunch-backed character with one boot! Must've lost the other one in the bog.