Thursday, August 27, 2009

even more posts!!!

good grief-the rain has driven me to multiple daily posts


shane Blount said...

Some really great stuff here mate , love the" sketchy time" page !!!


Liam said...

thanks shane, they were fun to knock out fast and then throw some markers on them-keeps the hand in when you dont have time to do something longer.
How did your coffee time go with aidan?

:: smo :: said...

wow man you're on fire!!! the cure of using a blog reader to see all these is i can't comment so i'm gonna take more time to do things proper!

i really like that you experiment with different head shapes! some of these guys are more sort of anatomy based and some are lumpy or oblong with huge foreheads and chins i really like the diversity it makes for some cool characters!

道明寺Stan said...

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